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Aaron Pery

Ask it above. Book II of Comrades at Arms Continues the Story of Jacques' family, friends, and children, with its central character being his youngest son. Rudi, very much like his parents, becomes an avid flyer at a young age and ends up a Plebe at the US Naval Academy later on. Rudi's dream of becoming a 'Sky Warrior' materializes when, after intensive training as a fighter pilot, he is recruited by the Jewish underground in Palestine to serve in the about to become a reality Israeli Air Force. As for your disclaimer, hmmm, that tells something otherwise, maybe Hanmeng, the commentator below is quite funny.

He or she has captured the stereotype very well. The average person in China would prefer not to think about it.

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However, I would like to comment about one aspect of the article and that is when the author writes about "traditional" Chinese values. I believe what the writer is actually referring to is conservative values, a trait which is ubiquitous and not unique to a particular society.

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Unfortunately, "traditions" and much of Chinese culture were all but banished during the cultural revolution. Traditions, religious beliefs and books were actively destroyed. Even the Chinese elite have argued whether it was a necessary or positive action. The Chinese diaspora are now the main holders of Chinese culture since they left before they were forced to abandon their traditions and these been handed down the generations.

I give you an example. Most people in China do not even have a traditional Chinese wedding with the traditional attire for the bride and groom aw well as a tea ceremony.

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I guess these were considered "bourgeois" at the time. Now the happy pair front up to the registry, pay their money, sign their names and go back to have a meal with friends and family. However, these traditions are still commonplace in HK, Taiwan, Singapore and among the diaspora that now inhabit Western countries.

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I give you another example - try to find a professional caligrapher in China. This was once a time-honoured profession. It's much easier to find one in HK or Taiwan. China now has to make up a new culture, almost from scratch. Maybe some of the remnants of old culture which does still exist in pockets will be reinvigorated. For instance, you do see some weddings now in traditional dress among the wealthy for fun but it's seen as a novelty and not to pay respect to your parents. This is what I see as tradition - a demonstration of respect for your family, your history and your society's values.

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Hopefully, new culture and values in China will not be based on money, pride and power. Tis I don't think that the article was judging "Chinese policies against gays".

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  7. Isn't the article just reporting about this event? If you are taking a swipe at the "hypocritical" Western world, why not Holland? The election of Mr. Ma to the Presidential office of Taiwan highlights the highly civilized acceptance of said homosexuals in Taiwan's society. Taiwan is leaps and bounds ahead of China in terms of tolerance. Nobody found the picture is quite silly? The comrade-in-arms in it looks very much like a black chicken that's lost lots of his feather and the only feather left is being ruffled immensely That whole thing hurts my aesthetic feelings immensely Dirk, Very thoughtful comment.

    For example, I knew a Indonesian Chinese, the way they preserve marriage is like back to the 19th century - no premarital sex even forbidden to stay in one house , wedding style is very traditional red traditional gowns, exchange family gifts, etc. Today very few traditions have been preserved in HK and TW, they are just preserving more than the mainland where it just had been absolutely destroyed during the cultural revolution. Today many of them are making a comeback, some of them good religious freedom some of them bad believing in witch craft.

    Society always loses abandon traditions and develop new culture, of course banning them all together is crude, but they are consistently changing. I have no idea gays were prosecuted point me to the link if you know , but they are doing so to avoid society and peer pressure.