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Paderborn: Wilhelm Fink, Computer Games as a Sociocultural Phenomenon. Basingstoke; New York: Palgrave Macmillan, Berlin et al. Zur Medienmorphologie digitaler Spiele. Andreas Jahn-Sudmann and Shane Denson. Wiesbaden: VS Verlag, Frank Kelleter. Stuttgart: Reclam, Zur Faszination der ludischen Gewalt.

Peter Riedel. Stephanie Grossmann and Peter Klimczak. Aktualisierungen im Anschluss an Adorno und Althusser. Strobel and Jahn-Sudmann. Zur Geschichte und Poetik des Videobildes.

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With Tanja Maier. The Logic of Distinction of Independent Games. Andreas Jahn-Sudmann and Ralf Stockmann. Eintauchen in die Anderswelt. Jim Andrews Web artist of kinetic-concrete and audio-visual poetry, freelance programmer and technical writer Becoming full-time web artist - Interview.

Christian Bachmann lic. Christian Bachmann is working on hyperfictions since , analyzing modern philosophical aspects of reading theories.

Women’s premarital sex cultures and British silent cinema

Davis formed in , who have pioneered the practice of hacking obsolete 8bit computers and video game systems they find in the trash to make art. Multimedia essayist and web-artist. Hanjo Beressem Prof. Susanne Berkenheger Autorin und Journalistin. Lives in Munich.

Mark Bernstein Ph. D Founder of the Hyperfiction-Publisher Eastgate Systems , author on hypertext, conference organisator and hypertextkitchen -editor Creating, selling, and evaluating Hyperfiction: Interview. Friedrich W. Block Dr. Von der visuellen zur digitalen Poesie in Japan. Buchpublikation zu digitalen Medien: " Hyperfictions. Professor for German Literature at University of Zurich. Hyperliterarisches Lesebuch: Internet und Literatur" , editorial board dichtung-digital Spielbegriff zwischen Texthermeneutik, Hyperfiction und Computerspiel.

Transitoire Observable. Patrick-Henri Burgaud e-poet, French language, member of webartery French e-poetry. Frankensteins Nachkommen.

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John Cayley London-based poet and literal artist in networked and programmable media, known internationally both for his practice and his theoretical and critical contributions. Author of Reading Network Fiction. Abschied vom Goldenen Zeitalter. Lisa Dorin Assistant Curator of Contemporary Art at the Art Institute of Chicago, where she organizes focus , a series of one-person exhibitions by international contemporary artists, and is currently producing a catalogue of the museum's timebased media collection.

Camille Utterback's Series External Measures. Bernhard Dotzler Dr. Yellowlees Douglas Ph. Thomas Dreher Dr. She is currently working on her doctoral dissertation on digital poetic practices. Teaches digital poetry and American literature at BTH. Astrid Ensslin Dr.

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Hypermedia and the Question of Canonicity. Raymond Federman was a Distinguished Professor of French, English, and Comparative Literature at The State University of New York at Buffalo, has published several books of criticism on the work of Samuel Beckett as well as contemporary literature, numerous essays and articles, four volumes of poems and ten novels From Surfiction to Hypertext: Interview. Anders Fagerjord Ph. Outside of academia, he has worked as a radio host and Web designer Four Axes of Rhetorical Convergence. Chris Funkhouser Ph.

Some views on contemporary digital poetry.

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Alexander R. Galloway Ph. Conflicting Organizational Designs. Oliver Gassner Moderator der Mailingliste Netzliteratur.

Mersch, Dieter 1951-

Peter Gendolla Prof. Advisory Board dichtung-digital Digital Poetics. Guido Graf Dr. She is currently working on two books, one on commercial computer games, the other one on concepts of the body in books, films, and computer games. Florian Hartling Dr. Dissertation zur Autorschaft im Dispositiv Internet. Doctoral thesis on authorship in the dispositiv internet.

Dissoziierte Autoren. Netzliterarische Autorschaft zwischen Tradition und Experiment. Bernd Hartmann Studium der Germanistik in Bamberg. MA in Kanada. Studies in german literature in Bamberg. MA in Canada with a thesis on transformations into games. Christiane Heibach Dr. Heiko Idensen Hyperliterat und Netzwerker seit Heiko Idensen is hypermedia producer, writer and "net-worker" since Numerous research projects and essays on hypertext and hypermedia.

In his book 'Vampyrotheutis Infernalis' Flusser analyses the floating 'otherness' of a huge octopus in the deep sea and draws a line to the psychology of human beings. Prototype: reduced fragment, size: 10,5m2 vertically moved 42 elements of concrete 42 elements for vertically pushing impulses Final Installation January : size: 30m2, vertically and partly horizontally moved 84 elements of concrete 72 channels of vertically pushing impulses 6 rows of horizontal motion.

Datum: Mi, Desweiteren wird der Boden aus erkenntnistheoretischer, philosophischer Sicht betrachtet. Anke Eckardt baut derzeit eine Installation, bei der die Besucher direkt auf einem sich bewegenden, instabilen Boden stehen. Inszenierung von Macht zu untersuchen. Summary "Verticality and Power. Three studies of listening: - - ": The author undertakes basic research on the relation between the structures of use in regards to vertical space and the means of representation and performativity of power.

From the perspective of cultural history and especially from a historical anthropology of sound she concentrates not just on sonic and physical aspects but furthermore on the psychological and political dimensions of listening. For the analysis she applies a set of categories to approach the actual sounds as well as the hearing experience in its physical as well as its semiotic dimension.

She analyses situations of vertical hearing by means of three historical and contemporary case studies: when the governments of the GDR and the USSR sent fighter jets over the Berliner Kongresshalle in Western Berlin; when soviet soldiers performed a triumphant ritual on the roof of the Berlin Reichstag; and when the Berlin police undertook a helicopter operation over Berlin-Kreuzberg on May 1st. Edition of Signed by the artist.

Photoprint on Alu Dibond. Thanks to sansculotte. Mai - 5.

Sherlock: How To Film Thought

Zu Beginn des In der Ausstellung werden leistungsreduzierte Schallbeams indirekt eingesetzt. Credit Photos: Holger Kist. Within the book I present three long-term artistic research projects of mine, including the artistic as well as the theoretical dimension of the projects. Its central, questioning idea pushes the boundaries of the notion that, without the spectator, a work of art cannot fully exist.

With the guidance of the choreographer performers are given a movement in the form of a rock sway synchronized with their cranio-rhythm.


After a time, with a room tuned to this rhythm spectators are welcome to join. For more information please click on the photos. The exhibition sounds out various threads connected to the festival theme Un Tune.