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Is it possible if it overheated that the thermocouple needs to be replaced? Starting with airflow is a good place to start since the flame is not staying on long enough. Whenever possible, I start by going outside while the dryer is running to hold my hand at the outlet of the dryer vent. The air should be moving briskly from the vent. Let me know if the air is moving briskly. Observe the flame as the dryer starts. Record how long the flame stays on and how long it takes for the flame to reappear. Get back to me with those two observations and the model number for further assistance.

Audrey, When spot checking various components does not find the problem, it is time to switch to a systematic troubleshooting process. I would use the wiring diagram to follow the voltage through the dryer heater circuit. I always start at the terminals where the dryer cord is attached to the dryer. Verifying there is volts between the two outside posts and volts between the center post and each of the two outside posts. Then I follow the wiring diagram to the first component in the circuit and, with the dryer running, measure the voltage across the component. If it reads volts and the dryer is running but not heating the component bad.

If it reads zero voltage I would verify there is volts present measuring between the component terminal and ground the center post on the cord terminal block. To reiterate, I expect a good component will read volts to ground on each side but will read zero volts across the component. A bad component will read volts to ground on each side, but will read volts across the component.

I would continue to follow the wiring diagram for the heater circuit measuring each component until I identified the bad component. I would start by checking the circuit breakers in the main circuit breaker box for the house and resetting them. Dryers often have two circuit breakers and it is possible for one to blow and not the other. The broken element may have shorted to the case and caused the breaker to blow. If this is the case, the dryer will turn without heating.

If the dryer continues to turn without heating after resetting the circuit breakers, I would carefully inspect the work I did when installing the element, verifying that all wires are reconnected and in the correct location. If all is as it should be, then I would start the troubleshooting process at the beginning and work my way through the circuit to find the new malfunction.

For personalized assistance call Your dryer you purchased is likely gas. Gas dryers have v cords. As the gas is what provides heat. Certainly a possibility that it is a gas dryer, or it could be a v dryer configured to run on v. Hence, the request for a model number. Please send a model number and more detailed symptoms, or for immediate help call U-FIX-IT Appliance Parts at for personalized diagnosis assistance.

My new whirlpool dryer came with a volt standard household cord. I plugged this into the wall outlet and the dryer turns but does not heat. On the back of dryer I do not see a terminal block to hook up a three prong cord that was on my old dryer. My old dryer ran off a plug. I have never seen a dryer with a plug. I need a model number to make any comments about your dryer, or you can call with your model number for personalized free diagnosis assistance.

I need more specific symptoms to offer any additional help. Running out of ideas. Any help greatly apprexiated. Hello Ryan, You have replaced the common items.

Whirlpool dryer not heating

If it was my dryer, I would start by making certain I have volts to the back of the dryer where the cord attaches to the dryer. If you are missing one leg of the volts, the dryer will still run, but it will not heat. You can do this yourself with a multimeter.

If you are unfamiliar with how to use a multimeter stop by the nearest U-FIX-IT store and we will be happy to explain it to you for free. If volts are present at the back of the dryer then I would look for a wiring diagram for the dryer. Wiring diagrams are often stored in the control panel by the dryer manufacturer. The wiring diagram allows me to identify all of the components in the circuit with the heating element.

With the dryer running I would place a multimeter lead on the terminals going into and coming out of a component in the circuit such as a thermostat, fuse, heater, or centrifugal switch on the motor. If the multimeter reads zero the component is good. If the reading is volts the component is bad. Every wire will still have voltage present even when the multimeter is reading zero. Placing one meter probe on ground will show hoe much voltage is present at the other probe.

You can take the wiring diagram to the nearest U-FIX-IT Appliance Parts store for free personalized diagnosis assistance or email a picture of the wiring diagram and we will be glad to assist you over the phone. I have a whirlpool dryer and it was not getting enough heat. I cleaned the vent hose and a tried it without load and there is so much heat right away. What seems to be the problem? I need more information to be of help. You did not say where you are measuring the heat.

A load of wet clothes will cause the exhaust temperature to feel cooler than it is with no clothes. Restricted air flow will cause the heater to short cycle. Good Morning Jim, So I read all of your information on fixing the dryers and any problems it could be. I recently took my whirlpool apart and took out the element as my step dad told me to check, it was good and tested good.

So I unplugged all of the wires from the gauges and devices and plugged them back in and it literally work instantly and heated up great. I left the back off and let it run for while and was still super hot and good. So I made sure to clean all dust of wires and devices and put back in. Do you know what IO should check or have you any idea what it could possibly be?

Thanks for taking your time to read this and possibly help me out. Have a Great Afternoon, Sir. Intermittent problems can be the most difficult to locate. The dryer can still run with one breaker thrown. Also, I recommend a close visual inspection of the heating element. Occasionally, an element can test good for continuity because the broken ends make connection during the testing, but separate when the dryer is operating.

A volt meter can be used to test the element while the dryer is running. The element is bad if the voltage reads volts between the two terminals of the element and the element is not getting hot. If the voltage reads zero between the two terminals, one leg of the volts is not making its way to the element.

Next, I would locate the wiring diagram and work my way through the circuit measuring the voltage across each component in the circuit while the dryer is running. A reading of volts will indicate that is the bad component. Hi, I have a Whirlpool Duet dryer I bought in , it quit heating, I have checked all of the temp sensors and the heating coil and they check out good, I was working on it the other day and cleaned everything up and put the heating coils back up and it started working.

I get volts if I put the red terminal on the coil and the black one to ground. You are most likely reading the same leg of volts on both sides of the element. If that is the case you will read zero volts across the element. The meter will read volts across the element when all components in the circuit are allowing voltage to pass through them. I would use the wiring diagram to work my way through the circuit measuring the voltage across each component in the circuit.

The bad component will be identified when I measure volts across the component. My whirlpool dryer stopped heating and I assumed heating element,but I read some of the posts on here and saw everything I should check. Jim i want to thank you I finally searched why my dryer was running but cold… it took 15 mins from the time I searched,read and problem solved it it was the FUSE!!!!

LMAO I the Wife fixed the dryer after two weeks of it not working had to wait for the check to pay for the heating element the price and seeing several parts that it might be drove me to look.. I replaced the dryer belt after it broke and suddenly there is no heat. I have a Kenmore Series 80 dryer. I have replaced all the thermostats on the back and the thermal fuse.

Would the belt breaking cause the motor switch to go bad? I have reset the circuit breaker just to troubleshoot, but it still has no heat. Thanks for your help. Whenever a new malfunction appears after I complete a repair, I retrace my steps carefully. I am almost always responsible for the new malfunction. Oftentimes I find that I inadvertently failed to reconnect a wire or connection. Sometimes it is a case of accidental causing a disconnect or break in the wiring. If I do not find anything with the careful inspection then it is time to use a multi meter and the wiring diagram to move methodically through the circuit until I discover exactly where the voltage disappears.

It is unlikely the belt breaking would cause the motor switch to go bad. I have replaced a few components on my dryer already. The heating coil about a year and a half additional and this fixed the problem. Now it has started doing the same thing. Next I jumped the thermal fuse straight to the thermostat, which fixed it. So I replaced the fuse and thermostat. After about ten uses, it happened again.

What might be causing this fuse to blow? I have good airflow, no clogs. I would heck the airflow after the dryer has been running for awhile. A failing motor can run slower the longer it runs. While air flow is the primary cause, excessive amp draw high current flow can blow the fuse also. This can be a short or a failing component in the circuit.

I would also take an amp reading with a clamp on amp meter if I had one available. Michael, I am uncertain of your symptoms. You state the dryer is not getting enough power. If half of the volts is missing at the outlet, then that is where you need to start and work back to the breaker box. Dryers will not heat when one leg of the volts is missing. My parents whirlpool dryer stopped getting hot. Please help! Adilene, You have checked the most common items to fail.

Most dryers have a wiring diagram somewhere on the dryer. Locate the heating element on the diagram and then highlight the circuit depicting the path of the electricity on both sides of the element. Check off the components in the circuit you have already tested and look for the ones you have not checked.

This switch prevents the element from coming on anytime the motor is not running. The switch can be tested with a multi meter, but the test must be done while the dryer is running. If the switch is bad, the voltage will read volts between the two terminals of the switch. Again, this is an uncommon malfunction. It is likely there is another component in the circuit that is causing the problem. You can call the U-FIX-IT store closest to you for free assistance in reading your wiring diagram and troubleshooting your dryer.

If my problem is the centrifugal switch, how do I replace it, or do I have to replace the entire motor? I would replace the motor, but you can call the nearest U-FIX-IT Store and with you model number and we can give you the price and availability of the switch. I just noticed exhaust hose is broken can this be cause of not heating?

Yes, it could be the source of the problem if it is restricting airflow. Insufficient airflow will cause short cycling and fuse failures. Whirlpool dryers have one or more fuses and safety thermostats that cut power to the heater when there is insufficient airflow.

These are in the circuit to protect against fire. If it was my dryer, I would replace the duct and then make certain there is brisk airflow exiting the dryer vent outside before I replaced any fuses or thermostats. The thermostats and fuses in the circuit can be identified by looking at the wiring schematic that came with the dryer. A multi meter can be used to test for continuity through the fuses and thermostats, or you can take the fuses and thermostats to your local U-FIX-IT store for free testing.

Thank you Mr. Plummer, from the bottom of my heart, for your trouble-shooting information above. My dryer was turning, but not heating, so I followed your advice and checked the breaker box first. And voila that was the problem. I just started back to work after 5 months of being unemployed and the last thing I needed was a big repair bill. Service before self. Thank you for your kind words. It is always fun to hear that we were a part of someone having a good day.

I also want to take a min and say thanks my wife just called me and said our dryer is doing the same thing,I come across this site and now I have something to go on only difference is she said she started it last night before bed and it never shut off and never dryer the clothes. I appreciate you kind words.

If the breaker is not the problem call the nearest U-FIX-IT store for personalized help in troubleshooting your dryer. Hello, I have a whirlpool duet dryer that will not heat. What could be the cause of this? Thank You in advance…. Virgil, This symptom is often caused in Whirlpool Duet Dryers by a fuse that will cut power to the motor when it is blown.

The fuse can be tested for continuity with a multi-meter or take the fuse to your nearest U-FIX-IT store for free testing. My whirlpool dryer has stopped heating. I first checked house breaker. I have replaced heating element, thermostat, thermofuse, and replace old duct.

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It still will not heat up. Any suggestions? Thanks David. You have covered the common items. If it was my dryer, I would isolate the problem by following the circuit for the heating element on the dryer wiring diagram while the dryer is running. Placing the multi-meter probes on either side of a component, one at a time. Good components will read zero volts. That does not mean there is no high voltage present, it just means there is zero difference in the voltage on either side of the component. The bad component will read volts. Have Roper Dryer model regvq1- timer switch does not rotate even when dryer is running and it no longer heats up, will the timer switch affect the heat cycle?

Will a new timer switch work or do I need to replace the whole control board. And thank you for your service sir! I was unable to find your model number in the cross reference. In most cases the timer will be the only malfunction when it is bad, but there are always exceptions. An electrical surge can take out multiple components in a circuit. Take another look at the model number usually inside the door next to the clothes opening and call the nearest U-FIX-IT store for additional help.

It happened two months ago, and worked fine after replacing the thermistor. Now no enough heat again. I checked thermal fuse, power supply, thermistor, high-limit thermostat, thermal cut-off, timer, heating element, motor. Then all of sudden it worked just fine for a week. Before moving it back to the old place, I decided to check the timer more carefully — so I opened it up, cleaned it. Kind of doubt it is because of the timer.

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But now, only very small part of it became reddish. The resistance is about 40 ohms, which seems to be within normal range, even though the manual says it should be around 10 ohms. Remove your element from the housing it is in and inspect it closely. I suspect you will find it has burned into two sections and one of those sections has grounded to the housing. The shortened element still gets hot, just not hot enough. I tested and found thermal fuse Good, when testing the next Themal cutoff fuse I found it open so I replaced it and the Thermostat next to Heating element.

Tested heating element and read continuity through element. When I started Dryer it had heat then stopped Heating , I was going to replace cycling Thermostat next does this sound right or am I missing something else. Thank You. I would check the air flow. The fuse protects the dryer from overheating when there is insufficient airflow. I check the airflow at the dryer exhaust outside the house. If the airflow is not brisk and strong then I work back toward the dryer looking for the restriction such as build up of lint in the duct. There are the obvious things such as a crushed or pinched dryer hose.

Finally a good scrubbing of the lint screen with a brush and detergent can remove the clear coating that sometimes builds up on it. When I tried again started to heat then went Cool. Could it be cycling Thermostat is bad? Or something else? I would check the fuse again and then I would check the airflow. Turns out it was the circuit breaker. Had to flip it off then flip it back on because it is a two switch configuration where the two breakers are joined together with a pin.

Wish I had visited your website first before taking the dryer apart for hours. Also it looks like the time is not progressing with time aswell. Could it be the timer in my case. Turning but not heating symptoms are rarely a timer. If the timer is set for timed dry not more dry-less dry and it is not advancing then it is pointing to a bad timer.

A trace of the volt circuit using a multi-meter and the wiring diagram while the dryer is running will show which component is preventing the volts from reaching the element. Any ideas? By the way this is an older conventional non-electronic dryer probably about 10 years old. You may have a bad centrifugal switch on the motor. It is a safety so the heating element will not come on when the motor is not running a fire hazard. You can test for this by locating the terminals for the switch on your wiring diagram and read the voltage between them while the motor is running.

If the reading is volts the switch is bad. The switch is not usually available separately from the motor. There is not enough information here to help you isolate your problem. It will be the quickest way to get to the source of the problem. I am having trouble with my dryer not heating. Even replaced the timer and still nothing. Bought a cheap dryer to use and it heats up fine with the same plug and outlet as my dryer. The element has continuity as well as all of the fuses.

Same power source. You did not mention checking the centrifugal switch on the motor. The motor must be running for the centrifugal switch to close and allow the power to flow in the heater circuit. You can find the terminals to test by looking at the wiring diagram. If the centrifugal switch is bad the motor must be replaced. Hello, any thoughts on this would be appreciated — We have a Whirlpool electric dryer. We turned it to the Timer on high heat and it works, but if we turn it to medium heat , it does not. Pretty goofy — any idea what part is going bad?

The symptoms are pointing to a problem that can be identified. Troubleshooting starts with the specific model number. On most dryers the model numbers can be found by opening the door and looking beside the opening for the clothes. It was obtained used with a burned out heating element which the owner got a good shock poking around with a screwdriver and I replaced the heating element with a new one and also the thermostat and fuse.

It worked well for a while and then it quit heating again burned out heater. I repaired the heater element since it was a sunday night and needed dry clothes for the next morning and it worked ok for a couple of weeks. But now it is the same. Are these heating elements prone to fail. The break was at the midpoint of the coils so I am presuming there is a need for a lower voltage or a better support at that point. Any information could be helpful. The elements can burn out prematurely when there is insufficient air flow through the drier.

Becuase the dryer is having the same problem even after it was moved to a new location, it is logical that problem is located within the dryer. Test the lint screen for a clear coating. After removing the lint from the lint screen, pour a small amount of water in the screen while holding it over a sink. If the water beads up, then scrub the screen with a detergent until the water runs freely through it. If the lint screen is clear, I would inspect the blower wheel by holding the motor shaft and seeing if the blower wheel turns without moving the shaft. If the blower wheel turns on the shaft, then it should be replaced.

Thank you! It was just a blown circuit! I would have never thought that would be the problem because there was still power to the dryer. Thank you!! That was it. Good afternoon, your site has really good content. I had an issue that occurred similarly as the post from July 7. The first thing that I did was to verify that there was no lint build up, so that I could maintain a constant airflow. After the airflow was verified, I used a multi meter to make sure I had continuity. The problem ended up being a break in the coils. So thanks for the information and keep up the good work.

This is a very informational site. I have a kenmore Elite dryer that is having issues. It has intermittent heat and gets very hot. It also has an issue where the timer turns the unit on automatically when you turn it to a cycle. It has a separate start stop button, but the unit turns on automatically. Is this an issue with the timer, or should I be looking at multiple areas? Inspect the heating element visually. It is possible the heating element is grounded touching to the housing. A grounded heating element can cause overheating and control circuit issues.

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  • The grounded heating element can be confirmed by testing for continuity between the element and the housing. I have an estate dryer that will not heat up. I checked the fuse box, the vent hose, changed the heating element, the thermal fuse and put new limit and fuse kit.

    Low air flow can cause repetitive failure of fuses. Two of the less obvious causes of air flow problems are the blower wheel and a clear coating on the lint screen. Proceed as follows:. First, place your lint screen in a sink after removing the lint. The water should pass through the lint screen easily. If the water beads up on the screen, then scrub the screen with a detergent to remove the clear coating that can accumulate. Second test — The plastic blower wheel can sometimes become loose on the motor shaft allowing the wheel to slip on the shaft and not turn at full speed.

    Test for this by removing the belt from the motor and then turn the motor shaft by hand while holding the blower wheel on the other end of the motor. If the blower wheel is OK, you will not be able to turn the motor shaft while holding the blower wheel. The blower wheel should be tightly mounted on the shaft with no looseness. We will be happy to work through it with you. I checked the fuse box, and it is not the problem. I cleaned the lint trap and air flow, and they also are not the problem. Next, I want to examine the heat coil and fuses, but I do uotknow where they are located. Thank you.

    Your heating element is accessed from the back of the dryer. Disconnect power and remove the back cover. The heating element is located low on the right side as you face the back of the dryer. The element is removed by disconnecting the wires take a picture first and removing the four screws that attach it to the duct. One fuse is on the duct above the element. The other fuse made of white plastic is on the blower housing located to the lower left as you face the rear of the dryer. Both fuses and the element will have continuity if they are good.

    A bad element will have a break in the coils. Call if you have any questions as you get into the removal process. With the door open I press the start button and hold down the door button to start the cycle. I can see the orange glow through the holes in the back of dryer but feel no heat. My son got behind it and said the he could feel the heat. Can you tell me what to troubleshoot before going to buy a new dryer. We have checked the breaker box and the lint hose. We just had flooring done and the workers unplugged our Whirpool Duet Steam dryer to use the outlet.

    They did not move it. When we plugged it back in and used it, it comes on and tumbles but no heat. We turned circuit breakers off and back on — still no heat. I cleaned out the duct as well — not much lint at all. Anything else it may be that we can easily check? Dryer is 4 years old. Moving the dryer could have caused the vent hose to be pinched and thereby restrict the airflow.

    Restricted air flow can cause the fuse to open and give the symptom you have. I seem to be having the opposite problem. Dries fine on low, no heat on high. I have to verify this because it is at my vacation rental a mile away. But several renters and the cleaning people have told me this.

    I am wondering if this is an obvious case of blown high temp thermostat or if there are other possible causes. The dryer is a Kenmore The temp setting is a continuous rheostat knob. It appears to heat normally on high at first, just like on low. Greg, The dryer uses the same thermostat for both the high heat and the low heat. The low heat energizes the heater beneath the thermostat to cause the thermostat to cycle sooner.

    Look at the wiring diagram to follow the voltage while the dryer is running and determine which component is stopping the flow of electricity. Jim, My dryer stopped heating. On older dryers it has always been an easy fix by replacing the heater element. What would be the quickest way to troubleshoot my problem? It says Duet on the front. Jeff, You are correct, the Duet has a more complex control system, but the mechanical part is very similar to the old designs. You can still check for the common failures by doing a continuity check of the thermostats, fuses and heating element.

    Of course, checking for adequate air flow can be done without special equipment as well. Hi, my husband was using the dryer and never cleaned the lint out , we have a whirlpool cabrio. Any ideas what it is? Did he accidentally burn something out? Also, our washer has something wrong with it. Whole mid was hit a load, it will shut off and say br or cr? And ideas? Yes, there is an internal fuse that has probably burned out. Send your model number or call the nearest U-FIX-IT store with your model number and we can tell you where to look for it and how to test it.