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With yet another venture, he has become a sender of cards, all kinds of cards.

Send Out Cards is his way of bringing positive energy into the world around him. It allows him to explore an artistic, creative side, in exchange supporting his new passion for changing the world one card at a time.

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Finding ways to assimilate and swallow injustices and ways of being treated that no-one should have to tolerate. Finding a way to make meaning of his life — a way to contribute.

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And to some extent, he succeeded. He made the moves he needed to make and began to find his place. And then happened — when within a year he lost his mother and became a father and was forced to deal with extreme loss and joy, pride and pain, as life-sized as they get and all at the same time. He has an uncanny ability to make simple poetic statements about things which remain resolutely complex.

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He can capture the extreme highs and the godawful lows of the life of a young man losing big and gaining large. His poems should break under the weight of the joy they contain and the grief they depict. They look at their subject with the steadfast glare of one who refuses to be beaten and is resolute in his duty and desire to protect those he cares about most.