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The Coming Storm

See 4 examples of writing based on this resource. It looked like the pleasant scene was about to change drastically as the clouds gathered menacingly above the distant peaks of the mountain range. To be caught in the chaos and carnage of a mighty storm is not a pleasant experience. Question time!

An Ancient Sign Of Coming Storm

Have you ever been caught in a storm? What was it like?

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Are storms the same all over the world, or are the different? What causes a storm? Oppressive tyrant Lover of darkness Enemy of life You have ridiculed the sighs of the weak people; Your palm is soaked with their blood. You deform the magic of existence And planted the seeds of sorrow in the fields.

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Beware, for below the ash there is fire; And he who grows thorns leaves wounds. Look there, for I have harvested the heads of mankind and the flowers of hope. And I watered the heart of the earth with blood.

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I soaked it with tears until it was drunk. A war-cry loud as heimdal's horn Fills the vibrating air This is the place where heroes are born And where death is always near. Here it comes, the mighty storm Every man attacks Now is when heroes are born There is no turning back.

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