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Dear God, thank you for Jesus who saves me from the evil that is in this world. Thank you for forgiving me for my sins. Thank you for a new life. I choose to live my life for you. Sign In Sign Up. My Plans Discover. Start this Plan. Save for Later. Day 1 - Good wins! Evil loses! Wisdom Corner: Remember that Jesus saved you and loves you. In Salzman, Jack; West, Cornel eds. Struggles in the promised land: toward a history of Black-Jewish relations.

Graves, Robert; Patai, Raphael Hebrew Myths: The Book of Genesis. Princeton University Press, Cassel. Batten, Don ed. Retrieved 28 September Keil, Carl; Delitzsch, Franz Biblical Commentary on the Old Testament. James Martin. Kissling, Paul College Press. Kugle, James L. Traditions of the Bible. Harvard University Press. Levenson, Jon D. The Jewish study Bible. Levenson author note. Lulat, G Metcalf, Alida C. Go-betweens and the Colonization of Brazil, — 1st ed. Austin: University of Texas Press. Reeve, W. Paul Robertson, John M.

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Christianity and Mythology. Kessinger Publishing reprint. Sadler, R. Can a Cushite Change his Skin? Sarna, Nahum In Friedman, Richard Elliott ed. University of California Press. Trost, Travis D. Who should be king in Israel? Peter Lang Publishing. VanderKam, James Claire Nickelsburg eds. Ideal figures in ancient Judaism: profiles and paradigms, Volumes 12— Chico: Scholars Press.

What is the summary story of Noah’s ark?

Retrieved 1 December In VanderKam, James ed. Whitford, David M. The curse of Ham in the Early Modern Era. Ashgate Publishing. Prophets in the Hebrew Bible. Israelite prophets in the Torah. Mentioned in the Former Prophets. Italics indicate persons whose status as prophets is not universally accepted. Adam to David according to the Bible.

Names in italics only appear in the Greek Septuagint version. Prophets in the Quran. Idris Enoch? Nuh Noah. Hud Eber? Saleh Salah? Ibrahim Abraham. Lut Lot. Ismail Ishmael. Yaqub Jacob. Yusuf Joseph. Ayyub Job. Shuayb Jethro? Musa Moses. Harun Aaron. Dhul-Kifl Ezekiel? Daud David. Ilyas Elijah. Al-Yasa Elisha. Yunus Jonah. Zakaria Zechariah.

Yahya John. Isa Jesus. Muhammad Muhammad. Note: Muslims believe that there were many prophets sent by God to mankind. The Islamic prophets above are only the ones mentioned by name in the Quran. Noah's Ark. Genesis flood narrative in the Book of Genesis. Noah Is Gone The Flowering Peach play Two by Two musical.

Biblical cosmology Creation myth Creationism Genesis creation narrative History of creationism. Outline Creation—evolution controversy Creation and evolution in public education Edwards v. The people praised and worshiped God all the way to the battle field, and the battle was won. No weapons, no struggle—just the power of God!

Noah in the Bible - 10 Truths from this Amazing Story

Explore Give Thanks to the Lord further. Jonah and the Whale has long been a Sunday School favorite. God sent Jonah to tell Nineveh to repent of their sins. Instead of obeying God, Jonah chose to disobey and flee God. Explore Jonah and the Whale further.

7 Amazing Truths from the Story of Noah (And How It Points Us to Christ)

The Prophet Isaiah is one of the major Old Testament prophets. This Sunday School Lesson focuses on the book of the prophet Isaiah who prophesied regarding Jesus, the coming Messiah. Isaiah told the people to repent of their sins and turn to God while painting a glorious portrait of the new heaven and earth. Explore the Prophet Isaiah further. Jeremiah loved and trusted God, and remained committed to his call as a prophet to the people of Israel and Judah and to the nations of the world. Even though he was often rejected because of his message, he continued in courage to say what he was called to say, and do what he was called to do.

Explore the story of the Prophet Jeremiah further. The Fiery Furnace with Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego teaches how God will protect us from those who seek to do harm to us when we follow Him. Taken captive to the land of Babylon three young Hebrews face death for refusing to worship anyone but the living God. In the end, they were delivered from harm and God was glorified! Queen Esther is one of the great heroines found in all of Scripture. God used Mordecai and Esther to deliver his people from the evil hand of Haman. This kids Bible lesson will remind your children that the time to do the right thing is always now!

Explore the story of Queen Esther further. The Lord is my Shepherd is perhaps the most beloved of all Psalms. In this Sunday School lesson for kids the image of God is of a loving shepherd, and His people are His sheep. He is pictured as the benevolent provider, the bringer of a peace that is satisfying and permanent, the one who restores and heals, and the deliverer from death and destruction. Explore the Lord is my Shepherd further. Salvation from the curse of sin and death is found in Him alone. The Story of Nehemiah gives the account of a harrowing rebuilding project that your kids will love!

Your Sunday School curriculum should have a lesson on Nehemiah who left Babylon to return to Jerusalem and rebuild its walls. Your Sunday School class will know that when our eyes are set on the tasks that God has given us, nothing will stop us. Explore the Story of Nehemiah further. The Birth of Jesus is one of the most precious is kids Bible stories giving the account of the Birth of Jesus as given in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke.

Mary, a virgin, gives birth to the Savior in a manger in Bethlehem, fulfilling many prophecies about the Messiah. So many signs were given to us to know who the Messiah would be when He came and we are left no room for doubt that Jesus was the only One who fulfilled all those prophecies. Explore the Birth of Jesus further. The Magi Christmas Story follows the journey of a group of Magi, also known as wise men, in search of the promised King. One night, while they were gazing out into the night sky, they witnessed the brightest star they had ever seen.

Convinced it was the announcement of the birth of the King they had been waiting for, they set off on a journey to find Him. Explore the Magi Christmas story further. The story begins with an angelic proclamation of good news and then moves to a humble stable where Jesus is born. The action continues into the courts of an evil king named Herod and concludes with mysterious Wise Men from the East. Explore the Mary and Joseph Christmas story further. The celebration had been well under way when it was noticed that they had run out of wine.

Jesus, in his first recorded miracle, saves the wedding by transforming 6 large jars of water into wine. In performing this miracle, He displayed His power over creation, showed His kindness to humanity, and showed how He could transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. Jesus as a Child follows Mary and Joseph as they traveled home from the Passover celebration in a great caravan of people. Mary and Joseph assumed that Jesus was somewhere in the large group, until one day into the journey, they looked for Him but could not find Him. For two days, they searched for Him until they finally found Him in the temple in Jerusalem.

John the Baptist , the forerunner to Jesus Christ, is introduced to us in Matthew John proclaimed Jesus as the Messiah and preached repentance from sin. John baptized with water and lived in the desert eating honey and locusts. He also baptized Jesus. Baptism is an ongoing discussion in the church and should be discussed at length during your kids Sunday School lessons. Explore John the Baptist further. Pool of Bethesda is a story of suffering, despair, healing and salvation began with a very sick man desperate for change.

1. We can grieve the heart of God with our sin.

He had been sick with a debilitating illness for 38 years and kept coming back to the pool of Bethesda, believing in its healing powers. He was healed from his immediate suffering, but more importantly he was presented with the Savior, who alone can offer eternal life. Explore Pool of Bethesda further. Jesus Tempted is a power Sunday School lesson every kid should be taught. Since Jesus was the God-man, it is important that we remember that He was God, as well as man, and He still dealt with temptation just like we do, yet, because He was born without a sin nature, He went through life without giving into temptation and sinning.

A fantastic point to make is how Jesus used Scripture to combat the temptation from Satan. Explore Jesus Tempted further. Your students can learn from their ups and downs as His followers and everyone can relate to at least one of these men and the struggles they had with their own faith. Still, these were the men that Jesus had chosen to turn the world upside down and proclaim His Gospel to the farthest reaches of the earth.

Explore Jesus Chooses His 12 Disciples further. In your Sunday School curriculum, take this lesson and separate it into individual parts to help your students retain all of the different aspects of this sermon and take these truths to heart. This kids Bible lesson is perfect for teaching your children the Spirit-filled live God desires us all to live! Explore the Sermon on the Mount further. In Love Your Enemies we learn of how the religious leaders used the law to control those who offended them and inflict as much pain as the law would allow.

Contrary to this understanding, Jesus taught His disciples to imitate the love of God in every action, even in view of His law. Instead of looking for an opportunity to inflict harsh punishment, or return evil for evil, He told the disciples to seek a peaceable solution and to act in love and forgiveness.

We are to respond as our Father in Heaven would respond. Love your enemies and do good to those who hurt you. Explore Love Your Enemies further. In Do Not Worry we see how comforted the poor and sick, who were anxious about an uncertain future, telling them not to worry about what they would eat or drink, or what they would wear. If God cares enough about the birds of the air and the flower of the field, to feed them and clothe them, how much more would He take care of those who trust Him?

The Nicodemus Bible Story is arguably the most famous verse of them all, John Jesus explains profound truths to Nicodemus on what one must do to be a part of the kingdom of God, which is to be born again of the Spirit, and what that truly means. Explore the Nicodemus Bible Story further. Psalm Explore I am the Bread of Life further. In this statement Jesus revealed that the path to heaven can only be discerned with the light of His truth; the sinful condition cannot be solved apart from the light of His revelation; and a purposeful life can only be enjoyed with His light as its guide.

Explore I am the Light of the World further. Jesus is the truth and the only way to Heaven. There is no other name by which a person can be saved! Anyone who presents an alternate entry or path is a thief who robs people of the only hope they have for eternal life. Explore I am the Door further. By contrast, He describes the hireling as an opportunist who sees the sheep only as a way to get something for himself—a picture of pride, selfishness, deception, and cowardice.

Explore I am the Good Shepherd further. When Jesus raised Lazarus, He proved power over death, and in doing so, He proved that He is the one who breathed life into every living thing—He is God. Throughout this story, we also learn that Jesus understands our grief and sorrow, He encourages us to talk to Him about everything, and He can be trusted—even when the answer to our prayers appears delayed.

Explore I am the Resurrection and the Life further. He is the truth about everything and the fulfillment of all prophecy concerning the promised Messiah. He is the life because He is the Creator of all life, and He sustains every living creature. Explore I am the Way, the Truth and the Life further. In this Sunday School lesson for kids Jesus teaches a group of people the importance of maintaining a relationship with Him by comparing Himself to a vine, the people as branches off the vine, and God as the gardener.

He explained that to bear fruit and flourish in this life, a person must be connected to Him, the source of life and blessing. To stay connected to Him, Jesus explained that we must obey His commandments: Love each other as He loves us. Explore I am the Vine further.

Explore Jesus Heals the Sick further. Upon encountering Jesus and experiencing the kindness of the Messiah, first hand, we see a beautiful story of repentance as Zacchaeus vows to return all that he had unfairly taken, and then some. Explore the Story of Zacchaeus further. Your students can see how even when it seems that we have so little, we can trust in God to be our provider. Explore Jesus Feeds further. But when Jesus and His disciples were caught in a great storm, his disciples thought they were done for. This Sunday School lesson shows that no matter what storms we encounter in life, Jesus is ultimately in control and nothing is beyond Him.

Explore Jesus Calms the Storm further. He knew His Father was good, perfect, and powerful. Jesus knew His Father was worthy of being trusted, and He was thankful in all things. Explore Jesus Walks on Water further. The Transfiguration begins with Jesus revealing to his disciples that He would soon suffer and die. The disciples could not understand how the King of glory would have to be subjected to such things.

When they arrived at the top of the mountain, the disciples fell asleep. On either side of Jesus stood the prophets Moses and Elijah, who were also shining because of the brightness of Jesus. Explore The Transfiguration further.

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He found himself facing severe judgment, but in an act of mercy, the king had compassion for the servant and forgave him all of his debt. The servant walked free! But the story takes a twist when this same servant refused to forgive a very small debt owed to him by a fellow servant. The king heard about it and reversed his judgment, throwing the unmerciful servant into prison—complete with torture—because he failed to forgive as he had been forgiven. Explore the Parable of the Unforgiving Servant further. In Jesus Cleanses the Temple , Jesus saw the temple being dirtied and desecrated with animal waste and money changers.

After, Jesus healed blind and sick people, which angered the priests and scribes. Explore Jesus Cleanses the Temple Further. The Parable of the Talents is the story of a wealthy man who left on a journey and placed his servants in charge of his wealth while he was away. Explore the Parable of the Talents further. In Jesus Heals the Paralytic we witness four faithful companion going to extraordinary lengths to find healing for their friend. Explore Jesus Heals the Paralytic further.

Who built the Ark Nursery Rhyme for Kids

Use this lesson t o help children understand that, like the paralytic, we are powerless to help ourselves and that only Jesus can provide deliverance. Jesus knows us like no one else. Explore Jesus heals the Paralytic further. He had questions for the Rabbi, the teacher.